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Keeping Our Players Safe: A Commitment to Research and Responsible Practices at Hitmen

At Hitmen, the safety and well-being of our players are paramount. Our approach to player safety goes beyond the allure of the latest gadgets; instead, we base our practices on thorough research and a commitment to responsible measures.

One of the primary concerns in football is the risk of concussions, which can result from repeated hits to the head. Contrary to the misconception that hard hits are the main culprit, research indicates that it is the cumulative effect of repeated hits that poses a greater threat. In response to this, we have made a conscious decision to limit the number of hits our players endure by refraining from participating in an additional spring season.

Opting out of the extra spring season is a strategic move, reducing the exposure of our players to repeated hits and, consequently, lowering the risk of concussions. While some organizations advocate for the use of external padding devices as a protective measure, the current research suggests otherwise. These external padding devices, designed to enhance helmet safety, has shown limited effectiveness in mitigating impact forces at the youth level. In fact, some researchers argue that the increased surface area of the external padding devices may elevate the risk of repeated hits.

At Hitmen, we appreciate the efforts of other youth organizations in prioritizing player safety. However, we believe it is crucial to align our practices with research findings rather than adopting unproven trends. Research consistently emphasizes that fewer hits to the head correlate with a reduced risk of concussions. Instead of relying on external gadgets, we encourage our players to focus on other aspects of their athletic development during the off-season, a measure proven to contribute significantly to the reduction of concussion risks.

Moreover, our dedication to player safety extends to our coaching staff. All Hitmen coaches are USA Football Certified and receive training in proper Heads Up tackling techniques. The Heads Up Tackling approach removes the head from the tackle, significantly reducing the risk of concussions and promoting a safer playing environment.

In conclusion, at Hitmen, our commitment to keeping players safe revolves around evidence-based practices, limiting exposure to repeated hits, and providing expert coaching that prioritizes proper techniques. As we navigate the evolving landscape of football safety, our focus remains on the well-being and long-term health of our players.



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